3 Ways to Wear the London

Posted on October 18 2019

3 Ways to Wear the London

Our most popular male watch to date is by far the London from our Untouchable Series of watches. We've been blown away with the positive feedback from customers on this product but we are always asked the correct way to wear this style of timepiece?

This chrono watch boasts a 43mm dial encased with a 316L Stainless steel case and 10.5mm thick mineral glass. Accompanied with a genuine Italian black leather strap.

A casual watch by nature, The London that has the unique capability of being a perfect accessory for all types of dress codes. You could wear it out to a BBQ, a casual bar, or it could form part of your everyday work attire as the perfect accessory to your business shirt / suit. Take a look at the 3 ways the London has been styled below;

1. Casual: 

Accompanied by a denim jacket the London here is shown being modelled with a casual look & feel. The product goes with pretty much any neutral casual attire.Try wearing it with a grey sweater and dark blue jeans or for extra style a collared shirt and shorts.

2. Suited & Booted:

Wedding, work or heading to the track? The London has you covered. The perfect accessory to your business suit. Subtle enough to complement any style / colour of suit but still bold enough to make an impression on your peers. 

3. Summer Vibes:

Heading to the beach? Don't worry about pairing the London with your favourite singlet and shorts. This product is 30 metres water proof making it summer ready and the perfect accessory to those long summer days meant for relaxing by the water.

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