Monster appetite for activity drove travel bug

Posted on September 30 2019

Monster appetite for activity drove travel bug

Beril Gutierrez has built quite the following on her instagram account.

The Turkish born content creator has jetsetted all over the world capturing the beauty of destinations around the globe for her followers to enjoy (and envy) but currently calls Los Angeles home. 

"I have a feeling that LA will not be our last stop either!" states the mother of two.

What started as a hobby has become Beril's full time job. Travelling to all ends of the earth to capture photography and content for the world to see working with brands and renowned travel blogs.

"I started traveling when I was 11 years old. I used to do folk dancing and I was participating in festivals all around the world in the summertime." 

"The first country I visited was Finland. I stayed there for a couple months and witnessed the midnight sun phenomenon for the first time in my life. I think that was the first time nature and traveling really started to attract my attention. After that the following summers I had the chance to visit the US, Germany, Italy, Sweden and other European countries."

However, it wasn't until a move to Miami in the United States that Beril started to combine her love of travel with photography. 

"I started taking photos when I was living in Miami. A National Geographic photographer was giving a 3 day Everglades workshop and he specifically said All levels welcome. So I went there with my Nikon camera, not knowing anything about photography."

As the group started to introduce themselves, I realised all of them were professional photographers (some quite well known) and they had lots of cameras and lenses with them! I panicked, but they all embraced the situation. Those 3 days they all helped me understand many concepts related to photography and post processing. It was intense, but possibly the best birthday gift I have ever received!"

With a devoted following of over 150,000 on her Instagram profile the self proclaimed activity monster was surprised at how quickly her audience grew to love her content.

"I was taking lots of photos to keep practicing and one day I just thought of posting them on Instagram just to see what the reaction would be." 

"My account started to grow after a couple weeks. People were noticing me through hashtags, features and my account grew very fast. Then one day a hotel invited me to take their photos and that is how I became a travel/lifestyle content creator."

"I just hope my photos will inspire people to go and explore their neighborhood, other countries and even continents they have never been to before! Traveling, observing different cultures and traditions, tasting their food, listening to their music, meeting new people. Life is all about experiences!"

As someone who has seen a large portion of the globe a common question Beril is asked is what her favourite destination is. It's a question that is too difficult to answer for the photographer;

"I always get asked what is the most beautiful country I have ever visited and the truth is there is no such thing." she said.

"Every country has its own beauty. However I was blown away with the beauty of nature in Banff, Canada. In Europe, Spain and Italy are my favorite countries. Without a doubt one of the most unique countries is Turkey. Such an interesting mix of the east and the west. I love Cappadocia and the balloon ride against that spectacular landscape. It is one of my most memorable travel moments I’ve had."

"Kenya was also a life changing experience for me. When you go on a safari and see how one animal is trying to feed himself, while the other one is trying to survive, you just understand how small we are in this ecosystem and the need for co-existence."

As for her favourite Able & Co watch, Beril loves the Capri from our Memorable Series of watches "I'm a big fan of white marble face with the rose gold band. Its very fashionable and I love the fact these watches are waterproof."

You can follow Beril's instagram account (the activity monster) here





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